Terms and conditions

Rental conditions:

Driver’s license
People who rent, and additional drivers must have a driving license for at least 12 months. If the driving license is not written in Latin characters, an international driving license is required. We do not accept copies of the driving license, proof of driving traffic or expired driving license.
The main driver must have a valid credit card. On the credit card account, presented at the rental, amount must be available to cover the estimated cost of rent and other fees / costs that may apply (eg, deductible insurance, additional services, etc.). No additional fees for secondary driver.

The lease agreement

The car is rented under terms of the lease, reverse printed, the minimum age for renting a car is 21. People who are renting are asked to read carefully and confirm acceptance by signing the document, at the rental office. Customer must meet all requirements, qualifications and skills, including those related to age, payment method, valid driving license and passport.


Booking will be confirmed only for a car group, not for a specific type / car model. Booking confirmation is finalized only after contacting a representative of EUROTOPRENRCAR by phone or e-mail.

Documents to take over car

The following documents must be presented at taking cars
– Identity card or passport
– Valid driving license, valid for at least 12 months
– Credit card.

Rental Rates

Rates include auto maintenance, radio and liability insurance.
Prices do not include fuel.
Damage and theft of the vehicle are paid by the customer up to a maximum amount.
The minimum duration is 24 hours charging. The interval of 60 minutes over 24 hours is free of charge. If the car will be delivered with a delay of over 60 minute, another day will be charged.
For monthly or long term rentals, additional information are available on request.


Group A
1-3 days 17 euros / day
4-7 days 14 euros / day
8-21 days 12 euros / day
over 21 days 9 euros / day

Group B
1-3 days 20 euros / day
4-7 days 18 euros / day
8-21 days 16 euros / day
over 21 days 14 euros / day

Group C
1-3 days 30 euros / day
4-7 days 27 euros / day
8-21 days 25 euros / day
over 21 days 21 euros / day

Group D
1-3 days 37 euros / day
4-7 days 34 euros / day
8-21 days 29 euros / day
over 21 days 25 euros / day

Group E
1-3 days 46 euros / day
4-7 days 42 euros / day
8-21 days 39 euros / day
over 21 days 35 euros / day

Group F
1-3 days 52 euros / day
3-7 days 49 euros / day
7-21 days 46 euros / day
over 21 days 42 euros / day

Group G
1-3 days 58 euros / day
4-7 days 55 euros / day
8-21 days 52 euros / day
over 21 days 48 euros / day

Group H
1-3 days 69 euros / day
4-7 days 66 euros / day
8-21 days 61 euros / day
over 21 days 55 euros / day

Group I
1-3 days 75 euros / day
4-7 days 71 euros / day
8-21 days 67 euros / day
over 21 days 60 euros / day

Rates are negotiable puntru periods longer than 45 days

After 10 days of rental, GPS lease is free of charge.
Free child seat for the entire rental period.

Please keep in mind that for rentals made during the period November 1 to March 31, the cost of renting will apply a mandatory fee of EUR 2 / day VAT for winter tires. The fee will apply for up to 8 days of rental. This fee is not included in the initial rates and is paid at the time of the rental.